Our Vision of AUB

We envision a student-led campus where students are involved in strategic decision-making and are central in the governance of the university, an independent and autonomous Student Council,

We envision an inclusive campus where education is affordable, and one that protects students interests through a financial plan that is also considerate of the needs of Graduate Assistants.

We envision a free and lively campus that respects students’ right to express ideas, innovate, organize, assemble, and mobilize.

We envision a pioneering campus that primarily invests in improving the quality of education and providing research opportunities to be worth the investment of its students.

We envision a socially and environmentally responsible campus, that respects the rights of its students, faculty, and staff, provides accommodation and access to people with disabilities, and abides by environmentally responsible standards.

We envision a progressive campus that makes an impact beyond its walls, a campus that mobilizes for gender equality and justice, LGBTQI+ rights, joining the BDS movement, challenging racism, asserting the rights of all students regardless of gender expression, sexuality, nationality, color, ability, class, religion, political affiliation, or any other status.

Students are major stakeholders in this university and we believe that we should be at the forefront in shaping the campus we want. Our vision for AUB is hopeful and ambitious, so need to work and act collectively to achieve it. Are you up for it?

To work effectively towards our vision, and as proof of our commitment to a better student life, we come to you this year with a set of concrete projects ready to be submitted by our representatives upon their election.

We aim to achieve them with your involvement as major stakeholders and your support throughout the year. We will create Student Committees, open to all AUB students, to work directly with elected representatives to achieve our demands.