Who We Are

The AUB Secular Club is a political student organization that strives for a secular, democratic, equal, and just society. After 10 years of student activism, the AUB Secular Club is now the largest independent student-led political group in the country. We aim to build a student movement that embodies our values and works towards achieving students’ rights and demands independently from sectarian political parties.

In 2012, we launched the Campus Choice electoral campaign that supports skilled and dedicated independent student activists who seek to effectively represent students’ interests. Since then, with hard work and contributions of hundreds of students across the years, Campus Choice has grown to become the largest single bloc of student representatives at AUB.

As we believe that the problems we face as students are not separable from the ones we face as young citizens, our work does not stop at the gates of AUB. Since the Club’s creation, we have mobilized for our basic right to lead a dignified life in this country and played an instrumental role in growing the nation-wide civic movement against the sectarian and corrupt political establishment.

In 2017, along with other independent student activists, we created Mada, a political youth network led by young activists and students from different Lebanese universities. At a time when our generation’s concerns have been neglected by the ruling elite and student activism is being repressed in most Lebanese universities, Mada strives to reclaim the role of youth in politics at the national level.