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Statement About Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem

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In light of the recent comments made by US President Donald Trump about moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the AUB Secular Club strongly condemns all American and Israeli attempts to rob the Palestinian people of their right to self-determination. We also stand against the aggressive foreign policy of the US and other countries which have stood against the interests of the people in the region. The unconditional aid received by Israel and other regimes have allowed them to act with ultimate impunity.

The AUB Secular Club stands in solidarity with Palestinians demanding their basic rights denied to them whether inside Palestine by apartheid occupation, or in Arab countries by a prevalent racist sentiment as well as an ongoing deprivation of their rights. We find the latter to be as important as the fight against Zionism, and are saddened by the fact that many of those who employ a pro-Palestine rhetoric do not apply similar standards of justice onto the Lebanese government. Subsequently we condemn the indiscriminate use of force against protesters in front of the US embassy today and urge the authorities to protect the rights of freedom of speech and assembly. In our context, we will continue to challenge the racist discourse directed at Palestinian refugees within the Lebanese society, and support their struggle towards achieving their economic and social rights.